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PIAA Quarterfinals Dates, Sites and Times Set for PR, CV, SF & Cla

MSA Sports Presents: ProGrass "Athletes of the Month" November Edition

Who should be this month's Football, Girls Soccer and Boys Soccer "First in Turf Athletes of the Month"?  Let us know by casting your vote via the link below.

The Puck Stops Here...And Here...And Here...And Here...And Here

Because we can, it's a huge night of high school hockey on MSA Sports Monday with five PIHL contests including another live video stream and three former champs featured.

It's a Hockey Night on MSA

MSA Sports has you covered with both LIVE audio and video from the Mount Lebanon Ice Arena of a Class AA contest as Plum takes on Chartiers Valley.

Road to Hershey

South Fayette fans, along with those from Pine-Richland, Central Valley and Clairton hit the Road to Hershey with sites/times for the PIAA Quarterfinals set.

The Golden Four

Pine-Richland, Central Valley, South Fayette and Clairton were the 2014 kings of the WPIAL football hill. Click to see all of the results from the District 7 football postseason.

MSA Sports GameLights: WPIAL Championships

What a day!  Catch all the highlights from "Championship Friday" - right here courtesy of Kyle Templin and Lou Rood on MSA Sports GameLights!

WPIAL Football: Championship Friday Central!

MSA Sports was the place to be for WPIAL Football Championships!  Follow the link below for access to photos, video interviews and game highlights!


We begin a shortened holiday work week with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of high school pucks coming your way Monday here on the MSA Sports Network. We have five PIHL high school hockey games including one Class AAA, two Class A, one Class B and another live video stream of a Class AA hockey contest ALL here on the MSA Sports Network.

All of the radio games/shows listed below can also be heard on

PIHL High School Hockey: Video-Stream - Plum vs Chartiers Valley at 7:10pm on

PIHL High School Hockey - Bethel Park vs North Allegheny at 6:30pm on

PIHL High School Hockey - Bishop McCort vs Deer Lakes at 7:10pm on

PIHL High School Hockey - Thomas Jefferson vs South Park at 9:00pm on

PIHL High School Hockey - Beaver vs Blackhawk at 9:00pm on

ProGrass: Athletes of the Month




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