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Article | Posted 2016/12/02 - 10:55pm
The WPIAL have never won more than three state football championships in a season since the start of the PIAA playoffs In 1988. Now with the expanded six classification state postseason, the WPIAL has four district champions still alive and headed to Hershey. Pittsburgh Central Catholic in 6-A, Beaver Falls in 3-A, Steel Valley in 2-A and Clairton in 1-A will play for state gold on December 9th and 10th. Here are ALL of the final scores through the Semifinals of the 2016 PIAA Football Playoffs. Games marked with (MSA) are games broadcast live and archived on the MSA Sports Network....
Article | Posted 2016/12/02 - 10:34pm
The WPIAL has never won more than three state football championships in a single season under the old four classification format. Now in the first year of the expanded six classes postseason, the district has four teams headed to the finals. In the Final Four of the 2016 PIAA Playoffs, the WPIAL was a four for five as Pittsburgh Central Catholic, Beaver Falls, Steel Valley and Clairton all won their Semifinals contests to advance to the state championships next weekend in Chocolate Town. The lone WPIAL champ that saw their season end was West Allegheny in 5-A on Saturday. Here are recaps from...
Article | Posted 2016/12/01 - 10:26am
When George Novak retired as the football coach at Woodland Hills earlier this month, he left a legacy of helping hundreds of players continue their careers at the college level. One of Novak's success stories is Jawan Turner, a standout defensive lineman at California University of Pennsylvania. Turner, who has been instrumental in the Vulcans undefeated season, is the focus of this week's WPIAL Alum Q&A. While at Woodland Hills, Turner was a key member of two teams that made it to the WPIAL Championship. As a sophomore in 2010, Turner and the Wolverines finished 9-4, falling to North...

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