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Article | Posted 2015/08/02 - 9:37am
MSA Sports 'Countdown to Kickoff 2015' begins with something simple...the high school football schedules for every team in the WPIAL and the Pittsburgh City League. The new campaign begins on Friday, September 4th and Saturday, September 5th. The WPIAL regular seasons runs nine weeks through the end of October while the City League seasons is only eights weeks and concludes on Friday, October 23rd. Just click the link below and locate your favorite school. Then click on the football link at top of the school page. Every game, whether it be non-conference or conference for all 123 teams in the...
Article | Posted 2015/08/01 - 4:40pm
The countdown to the start of the 2015 high school football season is underway. We have a later start than usual to the high school football season as training camps throughout Western Pennsylvania open up on Monday, August 17th as teams will prepare for a new season starting Friday, September 4th and Saturday, September 5th. As has been the case in the sixteen previous years here at MSA Sports, the ONLY place to turn for original DAILY updates that help prepare fans for all the excitement of the new high school football season in the WPIAL is 'Countdown to Kickoff 2015' ONLY here at www...

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