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Article | Posted 2016/05/02 - 11:58am
Section play in the 2016 WPIAL baseball and softball seasons comes to an end, weather permitting, for most teams this week here on the MSA Sports Network. We have 'Stretch Run' action from both WPIAL and District 6 high school baseball and softball as well as WPIAL girls lacrosse and WPIAL boys volleyball, plus Rappin' on Racin' and another edition of WPIAL Diamond Notes ALL here at Monday, May 2nd: TALK SHOW - Rappin' on Racin' at 6:00pm on WPIAL High School...
Article | Posted 2016/05/01 - 3:48pm
Each week during the 2016 regular season, MSA Sports will rank the top ten boys and girls lacrosse teams in the WPIAL in both divisions every Sunday at  Here are this weeks rankings. Log on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for final match results with weekly broadcasts on your exclusive home for the 2016 WPIAL Boys and Girls Lacrosse Playoffs, the MSA Sports Network at BOYS DIVISION I: 1.     Shady Side Academy Indians (7-3) (Last Week #1) 2.     Mount Lebanon Blue Devils (8-5) (Last Week #2) 3.  ...

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