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Article | Posted 2017/07/18 - 12:14pm
As the heat of July continues on the diamond, we continue our coverage of Frontier League pro baseball this week here on the MSA Sports Network. We have both audio and video coverage as the Washington Wild Things hit the road for three games at Southern Illinois and three games at Evansville ONLY here at Monday, July 17th: No Broadcasts Tuesday, July 18th: Frontier League Pro Baseball - Live Video - Washington Wild Things vs Southern Illinois Miners at 8:05pm on Wednesday, July 19th: Frontier League Pro Baseball - Live Video - Washington...
Article | Posted 2017/07/11 - 1:08pm
With summer and July in full swing, we take a little bit of a break this week here on the MSA Sports Network. After the Frontier League All-Star break allows for a bit of rest at the start of the week, pro baseball returns to Wild Things Park this weekend with the start of the second half of the season and a three game series against the Windy City ThunderBolts ONLY here at Monday, July 10th: No Broadcasts Tuesday, July 11th: No Broadcasts Wednesday, July 12th: No Broadcasts Thursday, July 13th: No Broadcasts Friday, July 14th: Frontier League Pro Baseball - ...
Article | Posted 2017/07/05 - 9:16am
In this feature titled “Coach’s Corner”, I will be interviewing a different coach every week and asking them questions about their personal life and about coaching. Hopefully their answers will not only shed some light on how they coach their respective teams, but also allow readers to get to know the men behind the fields/courts. This week features head softball coach Bill Simms of the West Greene Pioneers. Coach Simms finished his 12th year with WG, and has helped turn the program into a perennial playoff contender. In 2016, he led his team to 4 straight blowout wins, earning them the...
Article | Posted 2017/07/05 - 9:02am
Darius Wise and Austin Butler were both ‘Cats in high school, Wise playing for the Beaver Bobcats and Butler for the Latrobe Wildcats. But when it comes to athletes, Wise and Butler are top dogs. Wise and Butler, who both graduated last month, have been selected the MSA Sports Co-Athletes of the Year. The MSA Sports staff selects the athlete of the year from all WPIAL schools. In the days of high school athletes specializing in one sport, Wise and Butler were throwbacks. They were multi-sports athletes – in the same three sports. But it’s not just competing in three sports that made them...
Article | Posted 2017/07/05 - 8:32am
It didn’t matter whether it was brown, white, orange or fluorescent green. Olivia Porter would kick it, shoot it, throw it and hit it. For her, life has been a ball. Porter was worth a “fourtune” at Southmoreland High School. She was the ultimate multi-sport athlete, playing four sports her senior year - soccer, basketball, softball and even a kicker on the football team. But it wasn’t just playing multiple sports that made Porter unusual. She was a standout in three of them, being a varsity starter in soccer, basketball and softball since her freshman year. And although she was never...
Article | Posted 2017/07/05 - 8:23am
We celebrate the birth of our nation with plenty of Frontier League pro baseball this week here on the MSA Sports Network. We kick summer into full gear during the first full week of July with audio and video coverage of the Washington Wild Things as they hit the road for three games before returning home to Wild Things Park for three games this weekend ONLY here at Monday, July 3rd: No Broadcasts Tuesday, July 4th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Frontier League Pro Baseball - Live Video - Washington Wild Things vs Normal Cornbelters at 6:35pm on

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