CTK 2011 - New WPIAL Head Football Coaches

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New Faces - New Places - New Hopes - New Dreams. Many are rookie head coaches while a couple of veteran coaches are starting over at new venues. Some schools have a new football coach for the first time in years while others continue to play roulette with their head coaching position.
In all, it was a busy off season with 22 coachings changes, the most in more than a decade. Here are the new football coaches that will be running the sidelines in the WPIAL this fall.

BUTLER - Clyde Conti replaces Jim Rankin

CONNELLSVILLE - David McDonald replaces Jeff Immel

FOX CHAPEL - Eric Ravotti replaces Bryan Deal

PETERS TOWNSHIP - Rich Piccinni replaces Nick Milchovich

DERRY - Al Gaiardo replaces Ron Polinsky

ELIZABETH FORWARD - Mike LeDonne replaces Garry Cathell

LAUREL HIGHLANDS - Zach Just replaces Jack Buehner

MOON - Mark Washington replaces Jon Miller

VALLEY - Mark Kaczanowicz replaces Troy Hill

BURRELL - Kevin Horwatt replaces Tom Henderson

MOHAWK - Joe Lamenza replaces Jason Long

QUAKER VALLEY - John Tortorea replaces Bob McIntyre

RIVERSIDE - Tom Liberty replaces Jesse Rosenberger

SOUTHMORELAND - Dominic Pecora replaces Brian Pritts

APOLLO-RIDGE - John Skiba replaces John Simon

AVELLA - Ryan Cecchini replaces Frank Gray

AVONWORTH - Duke Johncour replaces Jason Kekseo

CARLYNTON - Terry George replaces John Vaughn

CORNELL - Edward Dawson replaces Dan Knause

LEECHBURG - Mark George replaces Mark Adams

NORTHGATE - T.J. Wiley replaces Mike Pipak

WILKINSBURG - Brian Tarrant replaces Ralph Brandon

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