CTK 2012 - WPIAL Class A Players to Watch

Some of the Top Players in the WPIAL's Single A Classification
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Countdown to Kickoff 2012 continues with a week-long look at some of the top high school football talent in the WPIAL for this upcoming season. As always, this list just scratches the surface. We ask for your help in building a complete rundown of candidates. You can nominate a top player by clicking on the contact button at the top right of this page, then clicking Submit Scores/Schedule Corrections/Updates. Here is a look at some of the players to watch this 2012 campaign in Class A.



Lenny Williams – Sto-Rox

Chavas Rawlins – Monessen

Chris Shortley – Brentwood

Kaleb Susko  - Chartiers Houston

Running Back:

Tyler Boyd – Clairton

Justin Vickless – Brentwood

Isiah Neely – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Brennan McMinn – Carmichaels

Cody Durant – Beth-Center

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends:

Zachary Thompson – Avella (WR)

Jaime Fell – Frazier (WR)

Miles Williamson – Chartiers Houston (WR)

C.J. Novak – Beth-Center (TE)

Michael Kish – Brentwood (TE)

Offensive Line:

Todd Weischedel – Rochester

Yusef Chandler – Sto-Rox

John Schmitt – Brentwood

Devon Dunmire – Leechburg

Zach Miller – Beth-Center


Coby Matush – Monessen



Defensive Lineman:

Keinan Owens – Neshannock

Michael Andrews – Brentwood

Kevin Germany – Wilkinsburg

R.J. Small – Monessen

Justin Baver – Brentwood

Brandon Peluso – Riverview


Garrett Vulcano – Chartiers-Houston

Terrish Webb – Clairton

Mike Dunn – Bishop Canevin

Sean Dugan – Springdale

Keith Davis – Monessen

Dustin Conti – Jefferson-Morgan

Peter Tarka – Geibel

Defensive Backs:



Thu, 08/16/2012 - 8:45am
How is Titus Howard (Clairton) not a player to watch? He is one of the best DB in the area and recently committed to Pitt!!
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 6:22pm
Single A. Going D-1. I agree. Just ponderous MSA! Maybe your not focused on much of anything below AAA?

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