Hometown Softball Program Salute - ELIZABETH FORWARD WARRIORS

An Inside Look at the 2014 Elizabeth Forward Warriors Softball Team
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Although the Elizabeth Forward softball team is returning five starters, four of which are seniors, they are rebuilding in the circle with sophomore pitcher, Sarah Turek and her battery mate of freshman catcher Jessica Cartia. The Lady Warriors feel they will compete for the Class AAA Section 4 championship and look for another run at a WPIAL Championship in 2014.

Returning EF starters are:

Seniors - McKenna Kern moving from first base to second base

Jen Keefer returning to center field

Courtney Hrabosky returning to right field

Ashley Baker moving from third base to left field

And returning Junior shortstop - Caitlyn Arico. 

The rest of the defense rounds out with Junior Lexi Ribarchak returning from injury to third base; with Junior - Kelsey Benedek and Sophomore - Ashley Hoak sharing duties at first base.

Other key players for the Lady Warriors who will be seeing playing time will be Jessica Guffey, Lauren Cain, Samantha Gogoel, Emily Jacko and Madison Porter.

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