Imani Christian Football Status for 2013 in Question

Saints May Not Field Football Team This Fall
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Less than a week before high school football camps open up, the status of the Imani Christian football team is up in the air for the 2013 season.

School officials notified the WPIAL a few weeks ago that they would not be able to field a team this season. District officials in turn told the school that since schedules had already been distributed, they should do everything they can to field a team this fall.

Official word is expected on Monday, August 19th whether the Saints will fulfill their schedule.

If Imani Christian can not field a team, it becomes a scheduling conflict for the other eight teams in the WPIAL Class A Black Hills Conference because it would be almost impossible to fill that open date for Bishop Canevin, Brentwood, California, Carlynton, Chartiers-Houston, Clairton, Fort Cherry, Monessen and Serra Catholic.


Mon, 08/12/2013 - 2:52pm
There actually shouldn't be much of a scheduling conflict. Per the WPIAL Schedule matrix, the 8 teams in the Tri-County South all have an open date in the schedule ( ). If Imani Christian can't field a team it's likely the teams from the Black Hills with open dates will face the corresponding teams from the Tri-County South that have similar open dates. Last season the TCS teams played Vincentian during their open dates. Anecdotally, this could create a Clairton-Beth Center matchup the last week of the season. 
Thu, 08/22/2013 - 4:22am
Rescheduling this would break the trust of the coaches. They must find another way in order for this to be successful. Anyway, what was the decision last August 19, 2013 regarding this issue? Anyone knows? Thanks in advance!<a href="">get twitter followers instantly</a>

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