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A Look at the 2013 Brentwood Spartans
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The Lady Spartans are heading in the right direction this year as they prepare for solid section play against big hitting schools Vincentian Academy, North Catholic and Serra Catholic.

The squad is well balanced between veterans and inexperience. For what the inexperienced players lack in experience, they make up for in aggression and heart.

Returning starters include senior captain and outside hitter, Alex Gibbons. Alex was a first team all-section player and plays with consistency and skill that makes her difficult to defend. Alex leads the team in passing percentage and kills. Brooke McWilliams has changed roles, stepping in as a senior setter, after three  years of hitting from the middle. Brooke's athleticism and determination are making good things happen on the court. Brooke is a 2nd team all-section player from last year. Senior captain and right side hitter, Lexi Bubacz, is another returning starter. She has been a force on the right side for the Spartans. Her positivity and willingness to work hard are setting the right tone for this team. Finally, returning starters Tammy Garcia and Annie Harding are rounding out the back row as defensive specialists. Both girls prowl the back row with a quickness and instinct that forces an opposing hitter to put the ball somewhere they won't be waiting.

The Brentwood Spartans have a very deep bench making them a force to be reckoned with. Coach, Caitlin Grattan, never has to hesitate to make a change mid-game because of her talented team. Senior, Kaylee Koenig, (defensive specialist) hates losing more than anything and plays with the same mentality. Senior captain, Olivia Healy, (OH), and senior, Melissa Smozski, balance out the front row with tough hits and well-placed shots.

The contributing junior class consists of: captain, Miranda Klein (D. Spec), Amanda Henning (D. Spec), Alison Mrkonja (MH), Katelyn McNamara (MH), Christine Gerstel (Setter), Sydney Luther (D. Spec). The lone sophomore on the roster is setter, Taryn Sherry, ready at a moment's notice to contribute for the Spartans.

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