Wednesday, January 15 2014

Time Items
All day
5:00 pm
(5:15PM) 5:30PM St. Vincent at Geneva -College womens Basketball (Audio)
6:30 pm
(6:45PM) 7:00PM Beth Center at West Greene -H.S. boys Wrestling (Audio)
7:00 pm
(7:00PM) 7:15PM Marion Center at Blairsville -H.S. girls Basketball (Audio)
7:00PM WPIAL Roundball Report (Audio)
7:05PM Montour at Hopewell -H.S. boys Wrestling (Audio)
(7:15PM) 7:30PM St. Vincent at Geneva -College mens Basketball (Audio)
(7:15PM) 7:30PM West Mifflin at Steel Valley -H.S. boys Basketball (Audio)
(7:20PM) 7:30PM Brookville at Kane -H.S. girls Basketball (Audio)
(7:20PM) 7:30PM McGuffey at Waynesburg Central -H.S. boys Wrestling (Audio)
(7:20PM) 7:30PM Trinity at Canon-McMillan -H.S. boys Wrestling (Audio)
7:20PM Valley at Burrell -H.S. boys Wrestling (Audio)
8:00 pm

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