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Article | Posted 2016/02/01 - 1:41pm
The storied history of basketball in the WPIAL has produced some tremendous shooters, but perhaps nobody has been a better marksman than Micah Mason. Mason, formerly of Highlands High School and current with Duquesne University, is the subject of this week's WPIAL Alum Q&A. Mason made an instant impact with the Highlands Golden Rams, as he scored 23 points in his first varsity game in helping his squad upset a highly-ranked Penn Hills team. From that point going forward, Mason rewrote the record books, finishing with 2,272 points in his storied career. Perhaps more impressively, Mason set...
Article | Posted 2016/02/01 - 1:36pm
Welcome to another edition of “PIHL Notebook,” your weekly companion to “The PIHL Power Play” on the MSA Sports Network. First up, “Melting the Ice” provides your weekly thermometer of streaking teams around the league. Meanwhile, this week’s “Scoreboard Watch” includes overtime action in the three major classifications plus an important game in the Division 2 bubble battle. Last but not least, we round things out with a preview of upcoming MSA broadcasts, including two games featuring North Allegheny in Class AAA as they battle Peters Township and Seneca Valley this week. So, let’s light the...

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