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Article | Posted 2016/09/03 - 11:51am
63 games on Friday night got the ball rolling on Week One and for most teams, the start of conference play. Six more teams waited an extra day, but were ready to kickoff the 2016 conference schedule. All three games were afternoon frays from Class 1-A and all three were heard only here on The Network, including the district debut for Imani Christian. Here are the three final results. WPIAL CLASS 1-A Eastern Conference: Riverview Raiders 28 - Leechburg Blue Devils 7  (MSA) Greensburg Central Catholic Centurions 23 - Imani Christian Saints 20  (MSA) WPIAL CLASS 1-A Big 7 Conference:...
Article | Posted 2016/09/03 - 11:46am
Week Zero produced plenty of memorable moments last weekend, but the problem was only half of the WPIAL teams were able to enjoy that sweet opening night feeling. Well, all 122 teams were suited up for action for Week One, with 63 of the 66 district games taking place on a wonderful weather wise Friday night. These players took full advantage of the conditions as they thrived in victories that for most, put them atop their section standings with conference opener triumphs. Phil Jurkovec - Pine-Richland Last week, the outstanding junior signal caller for Pine-Richland put up big numbers in a...
Article | Posted 2016/09/02 - 9:19am
You could refer to the first ever Week Zero as a fancy dress rehearsal as half of the WPIAL and Pittsburgh City League teams played a traditional second scrimmage while the other half played actual non-conference games. Whatever the case was last week, the fun began Friday as most teams officially kick off the 2016 season with conference openers. Here are ALL of the final results from Friday in Week One. WPIAL 6-A Northern Seven Conference: Pittsburgh Central Catholic Vikings 48 - Shaler Titans  7 (F) Penn Hills Indians 37 - Butler Golden Tornado  6 (F) WPIAL 6-A Southeastern...
Article | Posted 2016/09/01 - 9:20pm
Welcome to Week 1 of the high school football season. It has been a busy summer for Chick’s Picks.  As she finally settled in to focus on the season upon us, she realized that quite a few things had changed – MSA Sports World Headquarters relocated, AND the WPIAL changed to six classifications. When Chick’s Picks informed her trusty crystal ball that it needed to be up and running in the new world headquarters for Week Zero, her key prognosticating tool went into overload mode.  Chick’s Picks rushed the crystal ball to the shop for maintenance, but, as it turned out, a major...

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