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Article | Posted 2014/11/01 - 4:11pm
The Brashear Bulls claimed their tenth Pittsburgh City League football championship in a convincing way with a 42-14 victory over the Allderdice Dragons Saturday afternoon at Cupples Stadium. Quarterback Therron Coleman was named the game’s MVP, going six of eight for 56 yards through the air and rushing for 62 yards and a score in the win. The win avenges a 36-0 loss to the Dragons in week 4. The victory was the Bulls fifth in a row and was also the first title for Brashear since 2008. It started early, as the Bulls scored just under three minutes into the game on a Ty Powe eight-yard run....
Article | Posted 2014/11/01 - 3:24pm
The start was at 11:00am, but for the Freedom Bulldogs it may as well been at midnight. Freedom was not able to finish off their Cinderella run when they lost to the top seeded Greensburg Central Catholic Centurions 9-1 in WPIAL Class A Soccer Championships. The game started out like the semi-final game for Freedom vs Shady Side Academy and they controlled the ball and played offense most of the first five minutes. The problem was though after that it was all Centurions. Greensburg opened the scoring when senior Cassie Sauder took a shot from twenty yards out and it cleared the Bulldogs...
Article | Posted 2014/11/01 - 10:07am
You remember some of the homemade costumes from back in the day, don't you? While all the neighborhood kids had fancy costumes, you had a while cloth diaper on your head with a while coat and were supposed to be a doctor. Or you had a big box on your torso and a little one on your head and each box was covered with aluminum foil and you were a robot. Or grab the bed sheet, cut out some eyes and a ghost was born. Those Halloween costumes pail to what these young men wore on Friday night as they collected a pillow case full of tasty big plays dressed up in various super hero costumes in leading...
Article | Posted 2014/11/01 - 12:57am
'Taking care of business, every day. Taking car of business, every way.' With apologies to Bachman-Turner Overdrive, that might have been the theme for the top seeds Friday night as 22 of the 24 Top Six seeds produced victories of various degree and advanced as expected past the First Round and on to the district football Quarterfinals. Here are recaps from the opening night of the 2014 version of the Highway to Heinz. A special thanks to Brandon Showers, Sean Meyers, Dennis Fischer, Adam Gusky, T.J. DiStefano, Mark Uriah, Bob Gregg, Lou Rood, Mike Sackley, Jason Tennant, Kyle Dawson, Cory...

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